Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift,
For some you are an icon, for some you are just another musician and for most, you are nobody. Honestly you are nobody, people do not even know and do not even care who you are what you do. For most you are just another person like me. 🙂

I believe you also know that and all of your intentions are to get more and more attention and make more money. Yes, money is what you are up to end of the day. In your letter to Apple, you have mentioned that you are making enough from your gigs. We both can understand those are just some words to make the letter more polished. Because this is what you do, play with words, right? 🙂

You are just a money sucking bitch, period. And when you released that people are listening to you a lot on Spotify rather than buying your albums, you decided to quit Spotify. Still you are on other distribution networks, who maintains very small footprint, but you are not on Spotify. Because you know that as soon as you are on Spotify, your numbers will see some changes.

Money is your ONLY concern and that is why you have ditched Spotify, played a drama to make Apple to change their policy. You love Apple, but you were worried about not being on their platform as you love money more. But whatever you did, clicked. But not for everyone. It is very unfortunate that more people listen to your music for free than paying for it. Yes, piracy is a thing you have not considered yet. The more you restrict your distribution channels the more you are influencing people to use nasty channels like BitTorrent. I think you have not done that math.

Do some math and stay well.
Omi Azad
Not your fan. 🙂

Office 2013-2016 C2R Installer

Doing something wrong is what Microsoft is expert of! This time I found Office 2016 has no way you can select what packages you need what you do not. You just have to install everything you have paid for! Even I paid for Office 2016 Professional Plus, I cannot use Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business (actually I also wanted to get rid of Access and OneNote as well). But there is no way you can un-select them during installation.

I was searching for solution and found Office 2016 Deployment Tool. May be you are thinking what I have thought. This is the tool I was looking for! I am very sorry to tell you that you will be very disappointed just like me. That is just a joke Microsoft did with us. I spent more than 12 hours and could not find any way how I can customise my Office 2016 installation from the installer DVD I have. Then I was just thinking why no one on earth felt my pain and found my Russian brothers have developed something I was looking for.

Office 2013-2016 C2R Install Lite v5.1

Now you may be thinking what is this joke! Well, this is something Microsoft should have made at the first place. This is a toll lets you

  • Download office from Microsoft’s sources
  • Customise what components you want to install
  • Chose your architecture (32bit or 64bit)
  • Remove Office and make the computer clean
  • OK, that’s it. Isn’t it enough to ask for free? 🙂

No, I am not going to write a tutorial on how to use this. Please feel free to help yourself by downloading it and then explore it.

Download Link

Metered Connection in Windows 10


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Microsoft may say that Windows 10 is the most polished Operating System they have ever made. If you ask my opinion, I would say they are wrong. Windows 2000 is the most polished operating system ever. 🙂

Well whatever I think, that would not stop them from doing whatever they are doing. So if we want to stay up to dated, it is better to cope ourselves up with whatever they are delivering or keep using with whatever we are comfortable with.

Some Internet service providers can charge by the amount of data used (the amount of data sent and received by our PC). That is called a metered Internet connection. These plans often have a data limit, and if you exceed the limit you might have to pay extra or in some cases, you are not charged extra but your connection speed becomes slower until the billing cycle ends.

If you have a metered Internet connection, setting your network connection to metered in Windows can help you reduce the amount of data you send and receive. Now Metered Connection is a very useful feature since it has been introduced first with Windows 8. Once you set a WiFi/(3G/4G) Dial-up connection as metered connection, your bandwidth usage would be limited. Unfortunately you cannot set a LAN connection as metered.

Setting a metered connection was super easy in Windows 8 and 8.1, just right click and set. But it became a bit complication in Windows 10. Maybe ISPs have asked Microsoft to hide that so that they can make more money. 🙂

So here is how to set your connection as metered in Windows 10.

To start, click on the WiFi connection in the taskbar on the far right side and select Network settings at the bottom of the panel that pops up. This will open the Settings app.

2015-08-12 21_29_20-Network Connections

You can also just open the Settings app and click Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. The Settings app lets you set a WiFi connection as metered.

At the bottom of the Wi-Fi screen select Advanced options.2015-08-12 21_31_17-Settings

This opens the advanced settings for the WiFi access point you’re currently connected to. Next, scroll down to Metered connection and turn the slider to On under Set as metered connection.

2015-08-12 21_31_49-Settings

That’s it. You’re done!

So these are the things you will get once you turn metered connection on:

  • Windows Update will only download priority updates. (This is good, cause there is no way to turn Windows Update off in Windows 10)
  • Apps downloading from the Windows Store will be paused.
  • Start screen live tiles might stop updating.

The next time Windows 10 has an update ready, you’ll be notified that an update is available for download. You can either grab it then or wait until you’re on a non-metered connection.


Experience with Amazon E-commerce Service


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I say Amazon is the God of e-commerce on the planet. Whatever you need, you can find it there. The best part is, if you like to take the hassle, they can ship your item anywhere. My recent experience with them is amazing. I honestly appreciate their actions and this is why I want to share my experience with everyone.

On 11 May 2015 I ordered a Sony NWZE385 16GB MP3 player. It is always a hassle to import something in Bangladesh and go through the Bangladeshi Customs Regulations, this is why mostly I ship my needs to my friend’s address in Singapore and later somehow I manage to collect it from him. So the MP3 player got delivered on 27 May 2015 to my friend’s address in Singapore. Last week a friend was coming and he brought it to me all the way from Singapore. After receiving the device, I found they have sent me Sony NWZE383 4GB MP3 player instead of the one I wanted by mistake.


To proceed forward, I must mention that the return window also got expired so there should not be any chance I can return the item. But instead of trusting the rules, I sent the following mail to them on 1 July 2015 –

I have ordered Sony NWZE385 16 GB and you have sent me Sony NWZE380 4 GB. What kind of business is that? 

And this is the response they gave me –

I’m sorry about the problem with the “Sony NWZE385 16 GB Walkman MP3 Video Player (Black)” that you had purchased. Please let us know whether you’d like a replacement for this item or whether you’d prefer a refund.

If you’d like a replacement for the shipment, please verify that the shipping address below is correct when you contact us again. Here’s the address we have for your original order:

Here’s the address we have:

address removed

Please visit the following link to provide the information we requested: link removed.

Once we receive this information we can take further action. I’m sorry if this additional step might cause you any inconvenience. I hope you’ll understand that this will help us in assisting you more precisely.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

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Anti-Virus for Windows 10


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Many of us are already using Windows 10 Technical Preview. No matter how unfinished the product is or how lousy the performance is, we need protection from virus and related threats.

As I am using Windows 10 Technical Preview for quite sometime, many of my friends have been asking me about anti-virus solution for Windows 10. Here some of the common answers for my friends and readers:

  • Are we able to install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 10 Technical Preview?
    No, we only can install Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 and Windows Vista (there was a version available for Windows XP, but unfortunately that is discontinued). For Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview we already have Windows Defender pre-installed by Microsoft, which is great Anti Malware protection and is a replacement for Microsoft Security Essentials. We don’t need to do anything, just open start and search for Windows Defender and make sure it is enabled and up-to-dated through Windows Update.
  • What Anti-Virus should we install for Windows 10 Technical Preview?
    In my opinion, we do not need to install any Anti-Virus program as of now, because we already have Windows Defender. It protects us against Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, Adware and other malicious programs same as what Microsoft Security Essentials is doing in Windows Vista and Windows 7. But if you do not trust Microsoft and want to have some exclusive anti-virus protection, here is the list of anti-viruses I have tried myself and worked successfully:

  • Are we able to install other Anti-Virus software?
    Many have reported about compatibility issues with current Anti-Virus programs in Windows 10 Technical Preview. But the above list is created based on my personal experience and I hope this will also be useful for you. I also believe after the final release of Windows 10, Anti-Virus companies will make their applications more compatible and useful with the operating system.

Please leave a comment if you have any question in this regards.