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This is very straight forward that I love music. I love original music with real instruments playing, emphasising on guitars. I honestly hate people waste their time and money on cheap electronic music created on a computer. Any way lets go to my actual point.

I grow up listening to Disney’s OSTs. Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Hercules, Tarzan are some names I will never forget for their remarkable OSTs. All of those had great Title, Promotional and End Title songs which held places in international top charts for a very long time. I really appreciate Disney’s investments in big, famous and creative orchestras for doing great music arrangements and creating some original piece of art, which is quite rear now a days.

I never dreamed for a Disney life and live in a fairy tale, but their music always inspired me. Apart from the tracks on the above mentioned films, we do not remember the bands/artists much. Well Elton John or Phil Collins do not need any introduction so they are not my story heroes.

In 2006 Disney released an animated film called Cars and there was a rock song called Life is a Highway by an almost unknown band of that time called Rascal Flatts. Before 2006, this band had released three studio albums but no one knew them much. But after this song people started to buy their old albums as the songs are awesome! If you visit Rascal Flatts’ YouTube channel, you can read people’s reaction on their old music videos after they have learned their name.

Like Rascal Flatts, recently Disney have introduced two new Rock bands through their latest animated film Big Hero 6. They have used the song Top of The World by the band Greek Fire in Big Hero 6 promotional video, and the song Immortal in the movie from the band Fall Out Boy. Both these bands had created fantastic piece of art, which I call original music. But did anyone knew much about the bands before? Well, I did not.

I am a person who follow music very closely, especially the genre I like and background music in a movie or TV show. As mentioned before, I like rock music over others, and it is very unfortunate that from a very long time Rock ‘N Roll was not getting much attention over electronic music.

Well after MTV f**ked up broadcasting crap TV programmes and VH1 is also busy with something else! There are less options left for us to be introduced with good original music. This is what I loved about Disney, they value art and bring the best to us. Salute to the people working hard to bring us the best. Rock ‘N Roll can only be saved by introducing great Rock music to mass audience.

PS: It is not that I do not like electronic music, in Wreck-It Ralph movie Disney introduced a song called When Can I See You Again from band Owl City. I found this band also have some cool creativity. 🙂