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It is not new that people goes for successful and well established brand names, but I am a person who loves to explore alternate options. Soft Drinks are also not exceptional here. People Likes to have world class brands like Coca Clola, Pepsi, Mirinda etc.

My case is a bit different, Mojo and Clemon (by Akij Food and Beverage) are one of my favourite soft drinks. They have this unique taste and do not taste like any other soft drinks on the market. I mean they did not try to replicate any other brand’s taste but tried to establish their own brand and taste instead. These are awesome if served chilled. But Due to less demand and poor distribution network, those drinks are not widely available on the market.

PRAN Soft DrinksI went to Dhaka International Trade Fair few days back and found one exclusive stall is displaying some exceptional looking confectionery food items and new beverages. The salesgirl told us that the stall belongs to Pran Foods Ltd. We bought couple of confectionery items and 3 bottles of different soft drinks for a taste-drive. The confectionery items were crap, so don’t want to to write anything more about them and that is not what I am up to today. Lets talk about the soft drinks.

We bought Pran Maxx Cola, Tango Orange and FireFly. When we bought them, I made sure they are chilled because soft drinks do not taste good if the temperature is not right.

I started with Maxx Cola. Why started with that, because it is cola and it is Maxx with an extra X, so you can understand there is something eXtra! 🙂 Jokes apart. With the first sip I took some time to think what I am going to have. Then I took another and then another after. It was so amazing, I had this feeling that this is the next generation soft drink of Bangladesh! This drink is going to rock the cola thirsty people. It is not Coca Cola, it is not Pepsi, it’s better. It is smooth, it is sweet and moreover it is perfect.

After that I tried Tango Orange. When I was a kid, there use to be 2 orange soft drinks available, one was Orange Squash and the other one was Orange Topsy (or something like that), both of them had similar taste. When I sipped Tango Orange, suddenly I felt like it has the same taste I use to love in my childhood. I really loved it then and I love it now. It’s also a perfect orange flavoured soft drink.

Upcoming PRAN Soft Drinks

Finally, FireFly. If I summarise my experience, I can write in a simple sentence, “This is a drink which may kill Mountain Dew in Bangladesh.” I’m not a Mountain Dew fan, but I had Mountain Dew couple of times. If I am not wrong, this one tastes better.

Let me clarify couple of things here. Pran is assembling and marketing Coca Cola’s beverages (Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta) across Bangladesh for couple of years now. They had their own brands before like Pran Up, but I did not like them. They are either too sweet or water-ish. I think this is their second attempt to make things right.

One of my contacts inside Pran told me they are going to bring 3 more ‘quality’ soft drinks, Cheer Up, Maxx Zero and Pran Lemon. Not sure about Pran Lemon but I have this feelings that they would also taste great.

Its very common in Bangladesh that companies are launching good quality products and later they do not bother any more to maintain the quality level. Though I do not expect this from Pran. If Pran does right marketing and maintain the quality and proper distribution channel, there is no way any world class brands can stop them from taking over the market.

They are definitely the best in my point of view and I invite you to have a taste-drive as well.