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Just released Firefox’s Extension Paste and Go version 3.

Actually I didn’t make it from the scratch, I just update it to make it work with Mozilla Firefox 3.x.x and it’s working fine (this release will work on Firefox 1.5 to 3.x.x). Here I’ll try to show you how the extension will ease the use of Mozilla Firefox.

Use of the extension:
Most of the time while we surf the internet, we have to copy some URL and paste the URL on the address field and hit enter or click the go button. Now this extension for Firefox will ease the the whole process. You have to copy an URL, right click on the address field and select “Paste and Go” That’s it!

Go to: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9133 with Mozilla Firefox, on the page and you will see a button like this:

Currently Mozilla left the extension as experimental extension, so you have to check the box “Let me install this experimental add-on” to add this extension on your Firefox browser. You can also download the extension by clicking here.

Click on the “Add to Firefox” button and a window like this will appear:

Click on the “Install Now” button to install the extension and the extension will be installed on Firefox. You will notice a progress like this:

A window like this will appear after the installation is finished:

Click on the “Restart Now” button to restart Firefox and make the extension work for you. If you are doing something important, you can restart Firefox later. But only after restarting Firefox the extension will start working,

After restarting Firefox, you will see a notification that one extension is installed.

Close the window and continue using Firefox.

Now whenever you need to copy an URL and paste it on the address bar, just copy the URL and right click on the address bar and select paste and go. 😛

Hope this will be useful for you and you will enjoy the extension. If you encounter any problem, please leave a message.

Update, 16 September 2009: Released 1.0.4 with Simplified Chinese translation.