Hush Puppies Rain and Stain Repellent


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hush puppies rain and stain repellent Sometimes you see a product and become excited thinking that you have found the Lamp of Aladdin. And when you bring it home and see it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do, you feel very stupid and regret for buying that.

I’m feeling the same after buying this useless Hush Puppies Rain and Stain Repellent. I paid like ৳1000 (approximately US$12) to buy this and when I tried to remove stain from my soes, nothing happend!

I think even water would clean things better. Right now I am feeling like a loser. I request the readers of this blog to use lemon water or something to remove stain from your shows.

This is a DO NOT BUY!

Make and Take Calls From Mac Using Any Phone


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Apple just released OS X Yosemite with a big list of new feature set. One of them is the integration with iPhone. On Yosemite, you can take/make calls from your Mac.using an iPhone. You can answer a call or dial a number when your iPhone is far away from workstation. But what about Android, Windows Phone or any other platform phones?

Connect DesktopWell, Apple is very reputed to force consumers to come into their ecosystem. This is why you will notice many complications using any other device except Apple with Apple. 🙂

But there is an excellent way to use Apple workstation for make/take phone calls or use as a handsfree speakerphone.

Connect is a $1.99 application and available on Mac App Store, does the magic. Connect works with all Bluetooth enabled modern smartphones including Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones. For making calls, you can either dial a number directly or dial someone from your address book.

Battery Level

Apart from taking/making calls, the desktop interface will show your your phone’s network signal strength and battery level. Oh! Caller ID also appears with incoming call notifications.

Network Level

In profession I’m a Service Delivery Manager and my phone is very essential part of my job. Bought this app yesterday and life became easy. I wish I could send SMS from this app too. Let’s see what the developers will bring with future updates.

Cheap International Calls from Free Bhutan Telecom (B-Mobile) Tourist SIM


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As soon as you arrive in Paro international Airport – Bhutan, you can avail a Prepaid tourist SIM card for free from Bhutan Telecom (B-Mobile) by just giving them your passport number and filling up a simple form. The SIM comes with Nu.100.00 preloaded, so you have to pay that upfront.

After completing all immigration procedures, you will see Bhutan Telecom counter right beside the money exchange counter (by they way use this money exchange counter to exchange your currency as they provide the best rate than outside banks). Any ways, let’s go back to our topic. Just walk in and ask for a Prepaid Tourist SIM. Most of the time they do not have any Micro/Nano SIM, so if your phone do not take regular size SIM card, you have to cut it from outside shops. Your taxi driver or travel guide may help you with that.

B-Mobile’s international tariff is quite high, but there is a very good way you can make cheap international calls as low as Nu.4.00 per minute. Unfortunately this is not mentioned anywhere on their website or promotions. To make that, just add 010 in front of your number. So the number format would be:
010 – Country Code (without 00 or plus + sign) – number.

For example if I want to call a Bangladeshi number +8801712345678, the format for cheaper tariff number would be:
0108801712345678. Like that if I want to call +6141765432 in Australia, the format would be:
0106141765432. I hope you get it by now.

And pay as you go 2G/3G is also quite reasonable for email or social networking. The SIM card will say it comes with 3G pre-activated but I did not find my one working. So if that is also your case, you can  just call 1600 from the number for free, follow the IVR to talk to an agent and they’ll activate that for you. Bhutan do not have very good 3G coverage, but 2G works fine everywhere where you have network coverage. So never set your phone to use 3G/4G only.

Oh! and set internet as Access Point Name in your phone to get the internet working for you.

Symphony ZII an expert review


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Few days back my friend Fida Mehran wrote this review on Symphony ZII phone on Android User Group – Bangladesh. For greater audience reach, I’m sharing the review here:

Chinese phones and your requirements

They say, you should never judge a book by its cover. They also say, run a Chinese product for a few months and then you’ll know how good it is.

It’s really true about Chinese products. You really HAVE to be sure. Well, I guess the Chinese non brand market is really coming at par with the brand producing plants, because the phones like Micromax, Xolo, Symphony, Walton are getting better and better every day.

You can’t have all the good things in one product, not even in the much hyped Galaxy S4 or the HTC One or the iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920. Every product has its shortcomings. So what matters, when you think of what you expect from a phone?

Well, for one thing, you definitely want a good battery life, considering the fact that phones these days are resource hungry. You want a good camera, because, you have high chances of running into photo opportunities on the go. Where is your camera when you need it? It’s right there in your pocket. Mobile cameras used to be something that can take photos where you can barely make out that there is something or someone resembling a human being standing in front of the camera when you are shooting. Now, mobile cameras have become something that can easily beat a regular point and shoot camera. But, here, too, the megapixel race like the regular cameras have come into play and often high megapixel doesn’t mean good photo quality. Low light sensitivity still is not up to the mark in mobile cameras.

Chinese re-branded phones in the world and Bangladesh

Ok, let’s get back to the point. People put reviews on high end mobiles on the net all the time. I’m writing on Chinese phones from Symphony. What is Symphony? Ever heard of it? You may have, if you are a Bangladeshi. You may not have, if you are not. So, what does Symphony do? They are like some lesser known mobile handset companies like Micromax, Blu, Xolo, Spice, Karbonn, Celkon, verykool….. and countless other names you may find in GSMArena (, one of the trusted sites to check phone specs.

What all these handset companies do, is they bring their phones out of cheap Chinese factories that can afford to give high specification phones for very less. The phones these days can give you Quad Core processors with 1.5 GHz+ speed [Chinese brand processors], 1 GB + RAM and high capacity internal memory of as high as 16 GB (as of July 2013). We don’t know what they are going to bring in the coming days, but they are getting bolder and bolder. So, the names I mentioned above just make their phones and imprint their names on the phones and import them from China. Hence, most of the mobiles look similar. A great number of these phones are rebranding done on a certain less known Chinese brand, Gionee. But in fact, they are not the exact copies of the Gionee phones. Phone companies modify the stuff under the hood according to their budget and requirements. The Chinese factories are more than happy to comply.

In Bangladesh, we have a number of less known companies that are bringing these Chinese phones branded in their name. But the two companies that made most names are Symphony and Walton. I, myself has been a Symphony user for a few months in the past, but there are a lot of Walton fans out there as well.

My review

I actually started this review on the Symphony Xplorer W125, which I used for something like 3 months, before I fell for a new model, the Symphony Xplorer ZII (Zed two). It was not like the W125 was giving bad service or anything. Actually it was a superb phone. But the new model was too irresistible. Continue reading »

Fix – Windows 8 “Change PC Settings” Not working



While facing the same problem I Googled about it and found I’m not the only one. Well, let me explain the problem for you. When I open the Windows 8 Charms Bar and click on Settings gear icon and then click on the Change PC Settings link on the bottom of the page, nothing happens!!

I went to this Microsoft Answers page and found an experienced Microsoft MVP gave a funny suggestion, which is to restore your Windows to previous condition. Dude, seriously! We just cannot roll our system back to some old stage.

So I used my head and tried to remember what I did wrong and how I can correct this. For me, it’s not possible to roll back to anywhere. Maybe my MVP friend have plenty of time, but unfortunately I don’t.

Then I remember that while playing with my start menu items, I have deleted the PC settings shortcut. This also happens if someone installs a 3rd party start menu and customizes that.

PC Settings

So I went to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs on a friend’s PC. Took the PC settings shortcut and put it in the same location on my PC.

Yahoo! it’s fixed!!

Well if you are suffering from the same problem and thinking where to get the shortcut from as you may not have any friend running Windows 8. Well, don’t worry, lit me help you in few easy steps-

  • Download the zip file from here.
  • Extract it and you’ll get the PC settings shortcut in there.
  • Put the shortcut in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs (You cannot move the shortcut to that place. You have to copy paste)

And you are good to go. Let me know how it went with you.