doPDF and Bitdefender

I’m using doPDF from a long time now and I was thinking to recommend it to my blog readers by writing a blog on it.

It’s a good software for creating PDF files without any hassle and from any application of Windows that ables to print. Some days ago I downloaded the new version 6 from their site. Now when I went to install this, just after executing the installer, my Bitdefender alerted me saying a virus on my computer is blocked.

Well I tried the same on 2 of my computers and the same thing is happening. As soon as I execute the installer, Bitdefender says there was some virus and that has been blocked.

Now I’m thinking if I don’t have Bitdefender installed, this doPDF would pissed me off. How many people are being attacked by this free software?

Well think again before you use the (possibly) killer application.